At the Western History Association Conference in 2012, Linda Sargent Wood, a professor at Northern Arizona University, presented a stimulating session on History Labs. Kindled by the ideas of Professor Wood’s presentation and article, Region 13 dived deeper and learned more about inquiry pedagogy. This led to Region 13 applying for and receiving the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Grant. Thus began the process of The Social Studies Critical Thinking Lab. A cohort of Region 13 teachers in elementary, middle and high schools began the journey toward using this method of instruction which promotes student discovery through reading, thinking, writing, and sometimes wrestling through documents to learn in-depth meaning of content. The cohort completed a group book study on Bruce Lesh’s Why Won’t You Just Tell Us the Answer?: Teaching Historical Thinking in Grades 7-12. Each participant also selected and received one other book about inquiry to support them in creating their labs. This website content was created as a resource for educators who are interested in fostering students’ historical thinking skills using labs.