Why Use Critical Thinking Lab?

The use of Critical Thinking Labs turns historical stories into a social science.

Inquiry is the method by which historians find most of their discoveries. Beginning with a question, a thought, or even a hypothesis brings one to want to know more than just facts but also answers that are valid by evidence. With information at their fingertips, students seek meaningful learning opportunities that are accessible with their technology and global understanding of the world. Critical Thinking Labs are designed to engage students beyond the facts and teach students the thinking process that occurs when learning social studies.

Bruce Lesh

Bruce A. Lesh has been a teacher and department chair for twenty-two years at Franklin High School in Reisterstown, Maryland. He is passionate about making historical events come to life for his students. In these short videos, Bruce shares his expertise in facilitating student handling of primary sources. He shares his practical insights about building background knowledge; aligning key questions of importance with carefully selected, interesting primary sources, interpreting history based on evidence, and the energy that is created when a community of teachers connect as they implement social studies labs. Read More.

Library of Congress

The Critical Thinking Lab webpage was sponsored in part by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Sources are digitally available at www.loc.gov.